Clients who come to me are looking for a resource to lean on. They want to feel seen and heard, but also challenged to dig into what they want to achieve."

Many of my clients find themselves in transitional moments. They’re asking the big questions about purpose — where and how they want to channel their energy to make the impact they crave. 

Times of change and challenge

Often clients are on the cusp of big decisions — considering moving into a new leadership role or stepping away from a situation that isn’t serving them. They may be in the wake of recent change – perhaps there’s a new team looking to them for answers. Others are considering leadership for the first time, uncertain they have what it takes.

If these scenarios resonate with you, then you’ve come to the right place.


Ask yourself.

Are you feeling off-balance, questioning your ability to create the change you desire? You may feel your current work environment is stifling or dismissive of you, which creates doubt at the core of who you are — you temporarily lose sight of your strengths.

Have you been thrust into a new leadership role without preparation? If so, it’s easy to feel suddenly out of your depth — ill-equipped and overwhelmed. You want to rally your team and lead in a way others will want to emulate, but perhaps aren’t sure how. 

Have you accomplished a lot as a leader, but want to reorient or prioritize to ensure you’re focused on the ‘right’ opportunities? You may be asking: Am I on track? Are there things I’m missing? Is my eye on the prize most meaningful to me?

 “I want to be your secret weapon. We’re going to make you look awesome and feel great — not stressed and overwhelmed — and no one has to know you’re working with me.” 

How coaching helps

Coaching is a sacred partnership based on trust. Together, we dig into essential questions: Who am I and what tools and attributes do I have to contribute to my job and world? Anchored by action, IRG coaching asks: How are we going to ‘work the plan’ to move you toward your vision? We tackle limiting beliefs and pattern new habits that propel you toward the results you seek.

As an outcome of coaching, clients feel excited, capable, and empowered. They trust they can create the results they want, while remaining true to who they are.

Ways to work with me

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Client Testimonials

Sue McCoy Headshot.jpg
Working with Diane was the highlight of my professional career. Just like every athlete needs an engaged coach, every aspiring executive needs an inspirational coach — for me this was Diane. She brought out my inner wisdom and confidence. I’ve become a better leader in all aspects of my life because of Diane’s thoughtful approach to our sessions. There were times I wasn’t sure what to discuss or wasn’t in the mood to be introspective. Yet Diane’s ability to connect and be authentic allowed me to find an inner voice I didn’t know existed. I credit much of my recent success to Diane’s coaching and I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking to advance their career.
— Sue McCoy, Director of Major Gifts, Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation (Edmonton, AB)
Kaila Langevin Pilecki.jpg
With Diane’s help, I accelerated my current career, established a new business, aligned my passions with my work and developed the skills to choose where I spend my time and energy. I wouldn’t be where I am today (and facing this direction for my future) without Diane’s invaluable listening and questioning skills. Investing money, time and thought in achieving my goals is the best investment I’ve ever made in myself. If you’re looking to take your career and life to the next level, I highly recommend working with Diane
— Kaila Langevin Pilecki, (Victoria, BC)
Justin Kohlman.JPG
Every hour I spent with Diane repaid itself 40 times over. Our sessions made my entire workweek more productive. The best coaches succeed by helping others truly get what they want — Diane lives that mantra.
— Justin Kohlman, Provost and COO, Coast Mountain College (Terrace, BC)