Build a coaching culture 

Organizations are candidates for coaching if they want to shift the way they are leading or want to bring a ‘coaching-style of leadership’ into their teams and practices. 

What can it help you do better? Almost everything: from breakthrough teamwork and innovation, to boosting the bottom line.

Unleash your best thinking

Organizations that invest in building a coaching culture help their employees step into their greatest potential. 

Research shows organizations with strong coaching cultures:  

  • Increase productivity (93%)

  • Optimize work performance (97%)

  • Improve business management strategies (92%)

  • Improve communication skills (92%)

  • Expand professional career opportunities (91%)

  • Increase wellbeing (91%)

Source: Building a Coaching Culture with Millennials (International Coach Federation in partnership with the Human Capital Institute) 

Creating sustainable change within your organization requires an integrated strategy that fits with the rest of your leadership development plans. That’s where IRG comes in.

Even within group settings, people feel seen by me, which can come as a surprise to them. I create safe space for vulnerability and very quickly establish trust.” 

Leaders Who Coach Program

Leaders Who Coach is a coach-training program geared to managers and leaders within organizations. Powerful learning, it teaches leaders to coach their teams in real time, tackling top-of-mind topics — conflict, communication, and performance — and is informed by neuroscience (how we access our best thinking). 

Delivered over a series of training days (in-person and online), it’s a vital first step in shifting your organizational culture.