12 Questions + Answers About IRG Leadership Coaching


1. What is ‘coaching’ in the IRG context?

Coaching is a sacred partnership based on trust. It digs into essential questions: Who am I and what tools and attributes do I have to contribute to my job and world? Anchored in action, IRG coaching asks: How are we going to ‘work the plan’ to move you toward your vision? Together, we tackle limiting beliefs and practice behaviours that propel you forward.

2. What it’s not?

Coaching is more than a ‘feel-good’ conversation. It’s thoughtful, action-driven and focused on results. Many coaching approaches tend to be either heart-centric (think some types of counselling) or cerebral (such as tactical strategy coaching). The true power of coaching is in leveraging head and heart — something that makes working with me a little bit different.

3. What kinds of clients are a good fit for coaching?

I love working with people who are open to change and willing to stretch beyond their comfort zone to pursue a new and exciting path. My ideal clients are striving for something more and are willing to invest in themselves and their organizations to get there. ‘Fit’ goes both ways. Sometimes I won’t accept a client if I don’t think I can help them. IRG is a hopeful, ambitious place — those who blame others and make excuses should not consider working with me.

You can expect the standards and ethics of an Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation. Rest assured, our coaching sessions will remain 100% confidential. This is a safe space to explore your thoughts, dreams and fears in a way that respects your vulnerability and courage. Expect me to show up prepared for our sessions with a dedicated focus on you for the time we are together. I am deeply committed to my clients and to helping them find success through coaching.

4. What can I expect from you as my coach?

Conversations are my tool to create change in the world. More than ‘talk,’ these are deliberate and intentional exchanges. They’re also the most valuable tools in any leader’s toolbox. I help you adjust your conversations — with yourself and others — while we work to create the change you seek. Conversational Intelligence [C-IQ] is a science-based coaching tool that I bring to our work. As a certified practitioner in this emerging field (so far, only a few cohorts have undertaken this training) it’s another way I offer unique value to my clients. 

5. How do you work with your clients?

I apply the power of neuroscience in my coaching conversations. In a nutshell, we explore how our words, tone, and energy activate neurochemicals that open different parts of our brains. 

When we operate in cultures where we feel unsafe or unappreciated, we are constantly stressed, which can cause the brain to shutdown: no good thinking comes from this spot. By contrast, when we create positive, high-trust psychological states, we activate our prefrontal cortex — the place where innovation and creativity happen. Organizations, teams and individuals who can tap into this power are in a position to create results that separate them from the pack.

6. Where does neuroscience fit in your coaching?

I’ve always loved the word ‘inspired’ and the definition ‘to create a feeling in others.’ We’re not talking here about chasing outrageous goals, or living a big, bold lifestyle. Instead, it’s about understanding how you want to feel in your work and how you’d like to relate to others — then progressing with intention along that path. We are all capable of finding inspiration and of becoming inspirational leaders for others. I want that for you.

7. ‘Inspired’ can be an intimidating word. Why do you use it?

I’d describe my coaching style as supportive yet challenging. I ask one-to-one clients and teams to expand their definition of what’s possible, and I challenge their status quo. In short, I stretch you, but there’s safety in the stretch. Rather than approaching our work from a problem-solution place, our starting point is a hopeful and energetic one. All of our conversations are grounded in action. Uniquely, I push beyond talk to help you achieve the real and measurable results most meaningful to you.

8. How are you different from other coaches?

The good news is we can work together wherever you are. Many of my coaching clients reside outside of Victoria and I regularly connect with them online or by telephone. In fact, some of my most loyal clients have never been in the same room with me and it has no bearing on the quality of our connection (bonus: no commute required!) All you need is a distraction-free environment and a commitment to approach our coaching sessions with focus and an open heart. Finding a coach who is the right fit matters more than where you live.

9. What if I don’t live in Victoria, BC?

The truth is, I don’t need to know the specifics of your domain to work with you as a coach. My job is to be an expert in the methodology of coaching — helping you to clarify your goals and holding you accountable to an action plan. You need to be the expert in your world and I need to be expert in getting you from ‘stuck’ to ‘thriving.’ 

10. What if you don’t know anything about my business or industry? How can you help?

That depends. Let’s jump on the phone and talk about what suits you best. Some people prefer to dip their toes in a workshop or webinar, before moving on to individual coaching. Others want to get started right away and seek the intimacy and accountability of a one-to-one relationship. 

A good place to start? The Learning Lab. IRG’s learning hub features leadership development programs, tools and resources (including freebies) that can help you zero in on the best choices for you. 

11. Should I register for an IRG workshop or program, or work with you one on one?

The next step is to book a Discovery Call with me to discuss your goals, assess fit and answer any remaining questions. I can’t wait to get you, your team or organization on the path to inspired results.

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12. Okay, I’m ready to get started! What do I do now?