10 leadership insights that my masters has revealed

Leadership course at Royal Roads University

Leadership course at Royal Roads University

As my children were wrapping up their school year last June, I embraced a new academic journey as I launched into my masters of arts in leadership at Royal Roads University. I don’t know that I would recommend starting school when your household is celebrating the end of homework and early night routines, but I will tell you that you won’t regret the journey and investment in your own growth as a human being.

I chose to take the MA Leadership to deepen my theoretical knowledge of leadership so that I can bring this learning to my coaching clients. While that is definitely happening for me, what I didn’t expect was the journey I would take exploring my own leadership. Royal Roads is an experiential learning model and I was quickly reminded of the opportunities and challenges that leadership provides. This blog won’t do justice to my learning this term, but I will share as my insights may add context to how you are feeling in your leadership role right now.

My Top 10 Leadership Insights

  1. Leadership is complex – the people, systems, context and clients make it so.

  2. Leadership is an ongoing learning journey – you can never stop learning.

  3. Great leaders are curious to understand themselves first – this is the starting place.

  4. Leaders who make a positive impact are using their heads and hearts to guide them.

  5. Leadership can be lonely – but only if you let it be. Find a support system asap.

  6. Leadership is rewarding and fulfilling – you have the ability to touch people deeply.

  7. Leadership is vulnerable – and sometimes it helps to show it.

  8. Leadership is purpose work – so many people are searching for meaning.

  9. Leaders make a difference – you can change things for the better.

  10. We are all capable of leadership in our own way – our uniqueness becomes our strength!

This is why leadership is challenging. It is multi-dimensional and constantly changing. No day is the same, and you are required to be at your best physically, mentally and emotionally every day of the week. This takes intention and commitment. It isn’t a journey for everyone, and those of us who choose this path of leadership can lean on each other for support and encouragement when our tanks get empty. It takes a village to raise a child, so let’s extend that to our leaders. Together we can lift each other up and create a culture where leaders are supported to grow and change the world together.