What kind of interference is holding you back?

  I had the pleasure of listening to Sport Psychologist Christie Gialloreto talk about what it takes to for high performance athletes to perform at their highest level in competition (aka a high stress environment!). She shared her formula that Performance = Potential – Interference. In the context of the sport arena, interference looks like many things include parents yelling from the sidelines, competitor smack talk, internal self-talk or maybe the weather conditions. All forms of interference can get in the way of our potential and limit our performance as athletes.

This formula resonated in my coaching context because so many clients I work with are pursuing their goals and striving to consistently “perform” at their best in the workplace.

So this got me curious as to what kinds of “interference” limit our potential as professionals at work?

Here are three kinds of interference I notice showing up for professionals:

  1. Mindset
  2. Staying Safe
  3. Shoulds

Today I am going to focus on Mindset and how that level of interference can limit your potential and get in the way of achieving your goals.

Our mindset is the most powerful influence on how we view the world and our circumstances. Your mindset is informed by your beliefs, which inform your actions and create your outcomes.

At its simplest form, if you believe you can – you will. If you believe you can’t – you won’t. When I am coaching, I am always listening to see where those beliefs show up. I don’t focus on coaching at the behaviour level because real change happens when we reframe or redefine our beliefs.

For me personally, I had to redefine my beliefs around money before I could thrive as a coach entrepreneur. I used to believe that money was scarce and that people should hold into it. These beliefs were formed through life experiences, family values and who knows where else, but the reality is, that belief existed, and it was getting in the way of my business performance, so I knew I needed to work on it. After many coaching conversations, I was able to dig into the source of those beliefs and create new ones that would serve me differently.

Now I believe in abundance and that there is enough money for all of us. My mindset around money is no longer creating interference and limiting my potential. My new abundance mindset is now supporting my potential and my business performance is exponentially better!

What beliefs do you hold that are interfering with your potential?

Where do you notice resistance internally?

What kind of inner self-talk is getting in your way?

Getting curious about your self-talk and resistance are wonderful clues to where your beliefs are getting in the way for you.

I would love to know your thoughts about what kinds of interference get in the way of your performance?

Next week I will explore the interference we create with Staying Safe.