“Courageous teams are willing to be vulnerable and take risks together. I create the space for meaningful conversations that deliver on results.”

Leading teams successfully can be a challenge. Why? Because most teamwork is fraught with communication misfires and missed opportunities — it’s rare to find everyone pulling in one direction. 

Activate your (collective) strengths

The very best teams know who they are, what they are trying to achieve, and why it matters. I work with you to create respectful, high-performance cultures that leave room for individuals to be who they are while they achieve remarkable (shared) results. 

Many groups are already creating meaningful change in their communities. I help them activate their individual and collective strengths, taking their good work to the next level.


Ways to work with me

  • Team Coaching

  • Learning Workshop

  • Custom Experience


Choose a custom experience

Clients often ask me to speak to the unique struggles and opportunities facing their organizations. Together, we design high-value, high-impact learning that pushes beyond ‘talk’ to create real and lasting change. 


Team topics

  • Building trust through Conversational Intelligence®

  • Discover your strengths and maximize results

  • How does motivation impact results?

  • Coaching for leadership impact

  • Navigating difficult conversations (with clients and co-workers)

  • Creating a culture for high-impact performance



Client Testimonials

In a time of significant transition, I engaged Diane on two occasions to support me and my team to create deeper and more productive connections through conversations, empower performance and understand our strengths as a team. Diane facilitated engaging and informative sessions that helped us understand each other differently so that we could get on with doing the work of serving our stakeholders in the UBC Faculty of Medicine. 

We valued Diane’s ability to relate to our work and stretch us outside our comfort zones in a safe and inspiring experience. Diane is an expert coach and facilitator, and the fact that she has experience in our business just added to her credibility and her ability to ask the right questions. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking her services. 
— Leanne Denis, Executive Director, Development and Alumni Relations, UBC Faculty of Medicine (Vancouver, BC)  
Diane gave us new skills, sharpened old skills, and left us with a strategy to put it all into practice. We look forward to better supporting the women we serve and each other through our enhanced conversational intelligence and feedback tools. Thank you so much, Diane!
— Marlene Goley, Manager Cridge Transition House and Outreach Services