Are you an accidental or intentional fundraising leader?

I have this conversation often. People get promoted into management positions because they are good at meeting their goals, getting their work done and meeting the technical requirements of their position. They are responsible for their portfolio and they rock it. And then they get promoted into a new level – the management or director level. Suddenly, success looks different, but nobody is having this conversation to mentor you about what needs to change or shift in your day to day responsibilities. With this ascension to management, you are now responsible for the success of your team; providing clear vision, goals and job expectations just to name a few! Never mind the delicate balance of providing inspiration, feedback and ensuring the team is functioning well and you are developing a positive culture. Yes, leadership roles are complex, and that is why being intentional about developing your leadership competence is so important.

I am passionate about working with leaders in the philanthropic sector because I believe in their potential to change the world through their organizations’ mission. There is a major shift happening in the non-profit and charitable sector with many seasoned and experienced leaders approaching retirement, and it is time for the next generation of leaders to step in and take the lead.

If you are new or an experienced leader looking to reconnect to your intention, then join us for a 2 day leadership program that will inspire you to lead from your strengths with intention and inspiration. This program will equip you with a framework for leadership that will support you going forward, and connect you to a group of passionate professionals who are committed to leading with intention.

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